EOBA (Entrepreneur of Business Activity) is a general trading company in the UAE. EOBA’s purpose is to include a broad area that covers the entire sector of business, involving the functions of sourcing, purchasing, materials management, operations planning, distribution, logistics, demand forecasting, order fulfillment, and more. We help control and drive operational excellence through innovation and the supply chain. We distribute a wide variety of general trading items in the UAE market. We have developed a reputation as regional specialists in VFM (Value For Money) for clients across the UAE. Our VFM is not about achieving the lowest price. It is about achieving the optimum combination of whole-life cost and quality.

Our portfolio product lines range across eco-friendly disposable plastic products, paper products, foam products, cleaning and hygiene products, fragrances, and more general trading items.

EOBA is a general trading company that sources and distributes the very best product lines at the lowest prices all across the UAE. We always offer our customers competitive pricing and quality merchandise while building strong and lasting relationships with them.

Why Choose Us

Our Aim / Our Purpose

We aim to control the cost of operations through Good Inventory Management Support.

Trusted Vendors

We are having multiple vendors in one category. What are you seeking, get it on time.

Control Budget
Overstock and Stockout

Apply Just In Time Process: It controls the timing and costs of non-capitalized assets and stock items, allowing a business to reach optimal profitability.

Customer Satisfaction

Inventory and customer service have a close relationship; the best way to ensure consistent customer satisfaction and minimized waste is good inventory management.

Avoid Dead Stock

A certain percentage of loss is reasonable and expected in business, but inventory greatly in excess of projected sales can hurt a company’s bottom line. Goods you can’t move are goods wasted.

Smart Goal

S: Specific
M: Measurable
A: Achievable
R: Realistic
T: Time-bound